The SERUM8 Skincare System

The story behind the SERUM8® Skincare System begins more than 30 years ago, where the inventor, the Danish doctor Niels Bukh, became acquainted with the active ingredient Sucrose Octasulfate also known as SOS, which was used for healing stomach ulcers.

When it was used to heal an infant’s seriously infected “nappy dermatitis” that looked like an external stomach ulcer, Doctor Niels Bukh, who had worked in the pharmaceutical industry, saw the cosmetic possibilities using Sucrose Octasulfate (SOS).

The SERUM8 products contain SOS that stimulates a natural growth factor (bFGF) in the skin that causes the skin to re-generate faster.

Niels Bukh owned and operated his own laser clinic and, in connection with his work at the clinic, became acquainted with the dermaroller technology, which has led to the development of the SERUM8® Skincare System.

Niels was the clinical driving force behind the development of other leading skin care products, but decided to make the SERUM8® Skincare System his own.

The rest is history – Skincare that works

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